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ruag space ag

aeronautics and space aviation

the swiss company ruag space ag is a supplier of space products and the world’s leading supplier of composite technology payload fairings and structures for launcher vehicles. new production sites have been established in emmen (ch) and decatur (usa). ariane 5, ariane 6 short and long and vega payload fairings are produced there.

most of the production plants in switzerland and two plants in decatur are equipped with electrical engineering from mrm². at the emmen production site there is a laying table for fibre mats, two plants for equipping fairing half-shells and a highly complex, fully automated plant for processing the fairing half-shells, the horizontal integration station. 17 synchronously running axes, repetitive accuracies of 0.02mm over a length of 26m, tool changing systems including program management, further synchronously running and externally monitored drive systems, multi-user operable visualizations and highly networked different systems. all systems are developed and programmed on the codesys software platform.

jenoptik ag

optical precision systems

the techdax group jenoptik ag the techdax group jenoptik ag produces sophisticated optical precision systems. the precision lenses and optics to be manufactured are very complex in their production processes. ultra-precisely manufactured tools, cleanroom systems and high-precision measuring procedures are used.

the complete systems for the production of the special lenses from mrm² are characterized by perfect robot systems in combination with optimal space conditions and high-precision milling systems. they are locally processed, aligned, milled in several operations, ionized cleaned, glued, sorted and stacked. the future is virtual, and we are pleased to have been part of it.

tiefbohrtechnik gmbh

mechanical engineering

the company tibo tiefbohrtechnik gmbh manufactures high-precision deep hole drilling machines for almost all areas of the manufacturing industry. a sophisticated control concept with modular components for a flexible customer-specific scope of performance and intuitive operability with a 15" multitouch operating panel characterize deep hole drilling machines from tibo.

the highly specialized application software is designed in such a way that a single program and a single circuit diagram form the basis for all 3 possible complete machine types, each with more than 20 options. updates or further options are thus automatically available for all 3 machine types.

mtu aero
engins ag

plant engineering

mtu aero engins ag | maintenance is the world's largest provider of commercial engine services. service, quality, reliability and efficiency are the hallmarks of mtu maintenance - in its repair shops and for on-site operations around the globe.

in order to guarantee this service, turbine engines must be inspected after maintenance. one of these test facilities is operated by mtu at its ludwigsfelde site. the fuel supply required for this test facility has been be equipped with new technology. mrm² has been be responsible for the entire electrical engineering for the fuel supply, fuel storage and control of all actuators and sensors, even in the ex-area.

meba metall-

mechanical engineering

meba metall-bandsägemaschinen gmbh is a family-owned company and has specialised exclusively in metal band sawing machines since 1958. today, meba is one of the world's leading suppliers of metal band sawing machines.

since a lot of new software is always necessary for complete solutions, meba needs a reliable and competent partner on its side. in the field of software engineering and software structuring, the automation people could give the classic machine builder a decisive customer advantage in the field of software engineering. also in the field of building automation, the existing and very inflexible system was completely replaced by a new codesys-based system. the possibilities are unlimited and the tasks could be effortlessly implemented in an open control system.

freudenstadt gmbh

building services engineering

stadtwerke freudenstadt gmbh & co. kg guarantees the supply of energy and water, especially in Freudenstadt and its suburbs, for more than 14,000 customers. security of supply is therefore an absolute must in heat generation as well. all combined heat and power plants and energy generators of stadtwerke freudenstadt are intelligently controlled, because efficiency must be guaranteed despite all security.

for the very complex electrotechnical control systems for the district hospital, the keppler school and the panorama bath with the newly built outdoor pool, stadtwerke relied on the competence of automation people and were thus optimally supplied, just as the customers of stadtwerke themselves are. intelligent systems for buildings and facilities in the properties are a prerequisite for efficiency and security of supply. we are pleased that we have been able to support our friends in freudenstadt for many years.

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