our know-how extends over 6 business units, all of which have one goal: highest quality for our customers. from consulting to software engineering, electrical design, electrical assembly to mechanical design, we offer our customers everything they need for the successful realization of highly complex electrical automation systems. the field of custom machine engineering complements our portfolio and really offers everything from a single source.


smart | innovative | competent

there are various complex problems and tasks in automation technology from all imaginable industries. together with our customers, we develop the optimum solution for every conceivable application. we are always at the pulse of time and bring real trends to the table.


transparent | agil | scalable

we realize structured software solutions for complex plants, efficiently and creatively according to the most modern development methods. after the detailed drawing of the specifications sheet, the implementation and programming of the software begins step by step. we also realize individual modules. we program according to your wishes and requirements. our software solutions are of the highest quality. customers love the absolute intuitive operability. good software is characterized by structure, transparency and integrity - that's what we do!

electrical design


meticulous | creative | compliant

in our electrical design department, we create all concepts for the manufacturing, operation and maintenance of your electrical system. we work with the market leader's eplan p8 engineering software. with eplan p8, we also implement plans for fluid media such as pneumatics or hydraulics.


innovative | creative | efficient

in our mechanical design division, components, systems and machines are developed and updated. the creativity of the engineers, high innovative strength and efficiency of the designed parts are decisive for the success of an entire project for the satisfaction of our customers.

electrical assembly


handmade | selfmade | tidy

the switchgear cabinets are built in our in-house electrical assembly department. we manufacture in our workshop according to our own, but also according to external planning documents. before the switchgear cabinets leave our premises, every single one is tested. in this way, we always guarantee the highest quality standards of our customers.

custom MACHINE

accuracy | precision | high-tec

we plan, design, develop and manufacture highly automated custom machines. everything from a single source, this brings the decisive customer advantage. in addition to development, installation and commissioning, we also carry out maintenance and service.