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research and development are very important to us. all innovations that result from our research and development activities ensure the future viability of the company!

here we provide an insight into our current projects.

robot bar with integrated voice control

voice control
for industrial plants

machine handling 4.0

simple, intuitive and contactless - this is how a machine should be operated.

a system that can be controlled simply and conveniently via voice input. without the user having to go to the display. without the user having to keep his hands free. maximum flexibility in operation and yet absolutely reliable. the system itself answers questions about the configuration or its status, should the user require information or values quickly and easily during operation. what has long been reality in the private sector with alexa or siri is now possible with our prototype for industrial production.

artificial intelligence

air conditioning
controlled by ai

energy efficiency due to artificial intelligence

a heating or cooling control system that adapts flexibly to changes in user behavior saves a lot of energy, in contrast to a time control system that has to be changed at great expense. and that with considerably more operating convenience, because the control system adjusts itself optimally to the individual user behavior.

this works by predicting user behavior based on a recorded data set and using artificial intelligence.

research | development

in our team for research and development there are different specialists for different topics. feel free to contact us!

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as contact persons hans-ulrich leins and marc gruber are at your disposal.

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