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COMMUNITY is the only word we write in capital letters. whether during the lunch break, teammeetings, our mrm² conference, at teamevents or our summer party, we are a community, a team and we show it and live it. even private friendships have grown already.


knowledge is the only good that multiplies when you share it

with us, you get access to extensive specialist literature and training material on all relevant business areas. whether internal or external training, whether technical or personal, we enable each employee to develop individually. this also includes seminars from our partners. for graduates, we offer special training courses that prepare them perfectly for their tasks with us. of course, we train each new employee in his or her new tasks according to a precisely defined plan.

family | pension plan

you are in our hearts

if you are doing well, we are doing well too, so we try to make everything possible to reconcile work and family life. flexible office hours, parental leave according to your wishes - so far, we have always found a solution.

company pension schemes and capital-forming benefits are standard with us. there is free advice on how to make the right choice on top. so you can look to a secure future with us.

health | sports

fitness and ergonomic workplaces

whether playing squash together or at a table tennis tournament, we keep fit and stay healthy. your health is very important to us, so every workplace is ergonomically equipped to the highest level. height-adjustable tables and individually adjustable office chairs are standard in every one of our offices.


give me your ideas!

we challenge and encourage your creativity. everyone in his or her position always gets a complete overview of a project. thus, the view of the big picture is retained and each individual can contribute ideas, improvements or simply his or her passion. this promotes the creativity and thus the performance of our company.

bonus systems

get better and better

we all want progress and long for self realization. our bonus systems gives you incentives to improve yourself or your environment. in addition, this helps us to eliminate weaknesses and further develop strengths.