robot bar
with voice control

with our robot bar we have created a prototype that is operated by a voice control system. the drinks can be easily ordered by voice command.

the voice control is activated with the activation command "hey, ora!". the desired drink is selected, the system confirms the input. in the background, the voice control is activated as soon as the hotword "hey ora" is recognized. the voice commands are evaluated online, the received values are then transmitted to the sps via mqtt.

blockheizkraftwerk stadtwerke freudenstadt


artificial intelligence and deep learning

the system is based on a ai-system which uses deep learning to evaluate the voice commands and thus becomes better and better in order to minimize wrong input.
the necessary hotwords, synonyms and alternative formulations have to be defined and configured in advance. a precise word order or sentence structure does not have to be taken into account when the user enters speech commands.

the voice control can also deal with colloquial phrases (natural language understanding), provided that the defined keywords are included. the user can therefore interact with the machine intuitively and without prior training, and even complex commands can be entered simply using the familiar language.